Re: NANFA-- Mystery Darter

Patrick Ceas (
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 09:41:24 -0600

Granted, both pictures are blurry, but it looks like a typical Illinois
orangethroat to me. It has the proper body and head shape, and the
prominent vertical blue barring pattern on the sides are visible. There
even appears to be some faint orange still present on the belly. Seems
to be the typical muted colors for this time of year. You wouldn't
expect to see much orange color on the belly or on the sides (most
orangethroats will develop fairly prominent orange bars on the posterior
half of the body during the spawning season). Even the blue bars along
the sides, and the dorsal fin coloration, are somewhat reduced during
these colder months.

Don't be swayed too much by lack of dots on the Illinois map.
Orangethroats are often much more widespread than what is shown on
maps. For example, I have seined up orangethroats in the Decatur area
but never pickled them; therefore, those records do not exist in the
INHS database.

They are a fun fish to keep, but I might be a little biased!


Lance Merry wrote:

>I've got this darter I seined out of Stevens Creek in Decatur. I've never seen one like this before. I've looked in this darter book I've got and I didn't see anything that looked real close. Here's the pic of it, it's not real good but it's the best I've got so far.
>Any ideas on what this might be?
>Lance Merry
>Decatur, IL
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