Re: NANFA-- Mystery Darter

Lance Merry (
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:12:52 -0800 (PST)

There are saddles on top. There's 9 dark brown bars running vertical over a tannish body. The pelvic fin and anal fin has no color. The soft dorsal fin has white rays with a maroon color between them. The spiny dorsal fin is white on top with a black line running horizontal that seperates the white with a clear color down to the body.
The mutated orangethroat sounds good but I have an orangethroat in there with him and they don't chase each other around at all. (If you put two orangethroats together they chase each other around)

If you know where Macon County is in IL, Stevens Creek runs vertical and connects to the Sangamon River in the middle of the county.

I've looked at that website many times and it is very deceving. There's smallmouth, rockbass, and orangespots in Stevens and in Spring Creek which runs into Stevens (not shown on map) theres slenderheads and sand darters (unless there's another specie that burries itself)

I had no clue the it was illegal to keep darters in IL. I've had 2 in my possession right now, what should I do with them?

Lance Merry
Decatur, IL
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