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--- Jay DeLong <> wrote:
> At 08:45 AM 11/17/2003 -0800, you wrote:
> >--- Jim Graham <> wrote:
> > > From attending the 1999 convention I thought it was illegal to
> > > collect
> > > darters in Illinois unless you have a scientific permit to do so.
> >
> >Thanks to the friendly folks at IL-DNR, they recently specify that
> >only Cyprinids can be siened and kept.
> Sajjad, what do you mean by "recently specify"?

It means I can't spell. Should have been "specified".

Around 2000 - 2001, the local NANFA people noticed that the
baitfish collection regulation wording had been changed to make
it clear that only shiners could be kept. The choice of words
specifically exclude collecting of any "minnows" other than

See Illinois 2003 Fishing Digest, page 5:
A minnow is statutorily defined as any fish in
the minnow family (Cyprinidae)except carp and goldfish.

[The above sentence is new - added around 2001.]

Persons possessing a valid sport fishing
license may take minnows with cast nets (not
larger than 8 feet in diameter and having a
mesh size not larger than 3/8 inch bar mea-
surement),shad scoops (not larger than 30
inches in diameter or longer than 4 feet in
length and having a bar mesh size not larger
than inch),or a minnow seine (no longer
than 20 feet in length,deeper than 6 feet or
having a mesh ize larger than inch bar
measurement),or a trap not more than 36
inches in length,24 inches in width,and with
mesh no larger than inch bar measurement.


> I recall that at the 1999 meeting there were one or two DNR people
> there
> who were puzzled by the language of the regulations. The language
> was so strange that everyone there-- the DNR people, Larry Page, and
> others--
> spoke as though they could and should be reviewed and revised.

Yes and there was a meeting between NANFA and the IL-DNR.
Elmer may know the full story, but, rumor has it that IDNR
were adamant not to allow the collecting of darters.

And, a year or so later, the new Fishing Digest had the new
sentence I point out above.



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