Re: NANFA-- Mystery Darter

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 01:04:49 -0600

I have to figure, laws are supposed to forbid things. So ( not being a
lawyer or judge) I would think the laws should say, no person without proper
permits should catch and keep darters. Not, only cyprinids are allowed. Laws
are not supposed to say what you can do, thus not allowing anything else. To
put this in a lame basic, but easy , way, the law says murder is illegal. It
doesn't say, you must let people live. To make it common sense, IL law
should state that yellow perch, walleye, and sauger are illegall to keep if
caught in any manner other than hook and line during legal seasons etc. If
darters were not listed in the " perch" list, then they should be legal to
catch in any manner, or atleast regulated to bait status.

WI law is pretty good, they actually list groups of fish as bait, trash or
forage or something like that. It actually mentions things like killifish,
pirate perch ( or is it trout perch?) sticklebacks, madtoms, darters, smelt
etc. They leave little to the imagination in this area. Agree or not, the
laws are pretty clear to what is bait, forage/trash, and game species. They
even went out of there way to list sunfish species, instead of just saying
panfish, sunfish, or bluegill. I don't think orange spotted sunfish should
be a game fish instead of bait or forage, but atleast to their credit they
make clear legal ways to capture this specie. Orange spotted sunfish must be
caught on hook and line to be legal, and count towards your bag limit. I
just wonder, what happens when they spawn, and now you are 350 over your bag
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