NANFA-- Collecting wild water, was, Changing water while dishwasher is

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 10:06:16 -0600

> Ray, spilling all of that swamp water wouldn't have anything to do with
> lead foot, would it? :)

Could be, but I only had a 6 cyclinder then, a 300 cubic inch one ( 4.9
litre ).

I wanted to add a note about getting water from the wild. I had been warned
by several people that this might introduce bad things to my aquarium.
Since I already ingnored this advice given to me because I collected my own
driftwood, rocks and gravel, I gave it little heed. I never had any problems
with the "wild" water, and actually think it was a benefit. It certainly was
better than the treated city water. It also gave me another excuse to get
out and enjoy the outdoors. Not to mention it was good excerise. Sure, I
often brought home damselfly larvae ( among other less " dangerous"
critters) but these were happily eaten by the fish in most cases. And a
damselfly hovering around the fish tanks in mid winter was a nice addition.

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