Re: NANFA-- lighting/halogen
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 15:44:52 EST

regarding john's comments on halogen lights...

I have a project going with some halogen lamps. Above a ten gallon tank I
have place three little 20w halogen highlight lamps. I got them for 19.95
at Home Depot. It looks great!
and the plants seem to like it as well.

i think i know the lights you speak of... they are generally used as under
counter lights.
i bought a set and installed 1 in my 55 gallon compact flor hood as a night
this location was against the caution on the box about wet / damp areas.
the light burned out in just a few weeks.
it was located near the pump output and thus was probably getting minutely
splattered by water.

beyond that i was under the impression that halogen lights were not
acceptable for plant growing. am i wrong?

in the sign biz a lot of the neon 3d letters on buildings are now being
lighted by hi intensity LED lights. i got a sample set of red LEDs, 12 volt ac and
have them installed in the old location.
they use VERY little power and last a LONG time. im wondering about these for
plants too. they are VERY expensive tho.

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