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Wed, 19 Nov 2003 15:33:05 EST

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> I think that space exploration and colonization could be steps in the right
> direction, but we need to establish ground rules that would prevent us
> making
> the same mistakes, or we will simply destroy another planet.

Ty there are no other planets for us to destroy, if we don't get it together
soon we won't be around long enough to have a chance to find another living
world like the one we have. Best guess is that it will be at least 200 years
before we can even think about visiting planets around other stars. (some would
say more likely never) No other planet in the solar system has a complex life
forms (except maybe Titan, but that would not be some where we could not really
do more than just visit for a very short time) so our only choices are stay
on earth and die out or move out into space and live. It's well within current
our technology to colonize space, no Star Trek or Star Wars type technology is
required and with the space colony idea we can recreate our biosphere inside
our colonies so we don't have to live completely without trees plants and
animals and if we do manage to terraform another world like Mars we can transfer
plants and animals from our colonies to that planet. Orbiting colonies also
give us a chance to safely bio engineer organisms to meet our needs without
having to worry they might break loose and contaminate the Earth. I could go on and
on but since this is a native fish list I won't. to make it technically about
native fish give some thought about recreating several hundred square miles
of north America inside a torus shaped space colony. Native fish would be an
important part of recreating that biome, and maybe even the easiest part.

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