NANFA-- eel probelms
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 22:47:04 EST

Some of you might remember about two years ago I was struggling with removing
an eel from a heavily planted swamp tank. After several weeks of trying to
catch the eel I removed the UG plate which wasn't being used anyway in an
attempt to dig him out. Finally I took all the rocks and plants out of the tank and
most of the gravel and he was no where to be found. After letting the aquarium
set for several days dry I put everything back in the aquarium and set it
back up. Over the past two years I have been keeping my mudpuppies in this tank.
Feeding them ghost shrimp, small crayfish, and bloodworms. Every time I put
any fish in the aquarium it disappeared I blamed the mudpuppies which are known
as heavy feeders. Well, tonight I had to take the tank down in preparation to
moving the mudpuppies to a bigger tank. Much to my surprise there was a 30"
eel in the tank! I don't know how he managed to hide from me but there he was.
You have to remember this is a 15 gallon tank! I was sure the eel had gone
walkabout and been eaten by the cats or the dogs long ago. I guess it just means
never count an eel dead until your see the corpse!

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