Re: NANFA-- The best catch I've ever made...

Todd Crail (
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 21:56:06 -0500

Some very kind words Casper. Thank you and Richard for your comments.

I need to give them more benefit of the doubt before I go and muck the TFD
up :) I think the resulting post-adrenaline depression wasn't exactly
giving me clear thoughts about it.

I had the thought today that they really _didn't_ understand the danger that
dam creates at a high/higher water state. That it's in their precinct, and
they're as ignorant about the threat it poses as the kids and the uncle. I
don't know if this has happened before or not (I know it has on the Secor
dam which is much larger, and that turned out for the worst at least twice),
my hopes are "not". I would have thought that it would have been a
preliminary part of their briefing when they joined that station, but
perhaps even the higher command isn't aware of how deadly that thing can be.

Mr. Z also suggested offlist to let the kid know that it _was_ a very grave
situation and he shouldn't be embarrased that he was so scared, despite what
he was being told by the "rescuers". While I don't know the kid's last name
or where he lives, I do have his uncle's address... So I could send him a
non-returnable letter and just hope that his uncle gives it to him.

If anything good comes out of this, it may just give a chance for some
community outreach, and hopefully get that damned thing removed. It doesn't
do _anyone_ a bit of good in it's existence. Some say things happen for
reasons, and I'm usually adverse to that... But this is one case where I
wouldn't argue. :)


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> todd...
> excellent work. you did very right. every element. man on man... i only
> i could do as well.
> sure the kids were close to the water and may have been even closer
> you were there but thank god this event ended as it did. i was a boy a
> time and got myself into plenty of mischief and close calls.
> you may consider carrying this letter to the higher authorities to wake up
> those that need to be. i hate dealing w/ lethargic professionals.
> i feel honored that you are within our ranks. nanfa and the human race.
> god bless you.
> ultimatily god, you and the boy know the story. and all are thankful!
> hey your title... "The best catch I've ever made"
> that is the best title one can hold for life.
> casper
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