Re: NANFA-- just to create paranoia ;)

unclescott (
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 12:01:26 -0600

Nick noted (among other significant things)

... The next time you get a TB test from the doctor, you
> get a positive reading (for the rest of your life).

Whoo-whee, I'll consider my brain teased. Quite sure I had a touch of this
several years ago. While taking a new antibiotic for a sinus infection, the
slowly growing callousy thing on the pad of my hand also went away. As you
suggested, a quick fix is unusual. The older we get, the more laid back our
immune systems, the longer treatment is likely to take.

Wonder about asking about the TB positive at the next routine blood test...
It may be better to ask about it before a tester jumps to a conclusion.

I'm pretty serious about immediately rinsing a cut in hydrogen peroxide
now-a-days ... and staying out of tanks until it heals up. (Another excuse
for goofing off.)

For further reading, see .
That is on an excellent rainbowfish site. While a couple of the 15 or so
mycobacteria are fairly commonly found in commercially raised aquarium
fishes, rainbows seem more vulnerable to a run-away attack if tank
conditions slide for a while. I had that bout with it while keeping several
new rainbows. Usually nobody has any idea the fish is infected.

Bleaching equipment implicated in a tank where there is an outbreak is good.
One hobby source has suggested also wiping things down with rubbing alcohol
to break open the mycobacteria cells which resist the bleach.

Interestingly, the wee beasties seemingly can go through a benign cycle,
dwelling in the mulm and gravel, awaiting a host and stressful situation in
the tank. So just removing the fish will not get rid of it from the
aquarium. :(

As Nick suggested, I used a separate bucket and siphon for the suspect tanks
(serviced them after the other fish) and gradually tore down and trashed or
tried to sterilize those aquaria.

All the best,

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