NANFA-- RE: NANFA Membership Cards...and car stickies

Bob Sinclair (
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 19:42:15 -0800

1) Chris: My recollection was the suggestion was
disparaged; buy perhaps my memory is strongest
with regard to a couple of off-list rather accusatory
private messages I received.

As I type this, my printer is grinding out a batch of the
tri-fold flyers from the website. Thanks for reminding
me it's available there. I've used them before, and have
placed a small supply at each of the local aquarium shops
here in the Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed
any new area members, though. Drat!

2) Nick and Lee: Thanks for the heads up regarding and I'll
check them out...but at age 71 and climbing (and while
I consider myself to be a bit smarter than the average
bear), I'm no expert when it comes to creating such
things. I'll give it a try, though, if it appears relatively
simple to do.

I thought a standard Membership Card would be well
received by the membership. Perhaps not, and perhaps
those who are me, for one...will just have
to create their own. Oh, well...


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> The idea was generally disparaged.

If I remember correctly, the idea wasn't disparaged.
It was just considered to be extra work and expense
considering that handing out a NANFA brochure or
flyer -- downloadable from the NANFA website --
would perform the same function, and perform it better.

Go to:

Chris Scharpf
- - -
Bob, go to You can get 250 business
cards for free and about $5 to have them shipped to you.
They have a bunch of different designs that you can choose
from and it is very easy to do. I thought that it was a great
idea and I went ahead and ordered them as my NANFA
business cards. I hand them out to home owners whose
property we survey, or anyone who wants information. I
can send you a copy of mine if you like. There will always
be people who abuse the system, but that just means that the
rest of need to cover their tracks ;)

Nick Zarlinga
- - -
These days you can print your own business cards and window
decals from an inkjet printer and Avery sheets. You can design
your own with Word or any word processor. What you do with
them is up to you as long as it has no adverse implications on
NANFA. For reference go to

Lee Harper

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