RE: NANFA-- Poecilia sphenops in Texas
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 15:36:14 -0600

John wrote:
>>>That was my "take" on the specimen that I found. Coincidentally, that
was published the same year, 1991, in which I found the specimen, a Marble
Molly. The site was just below a culvert flowing off some hay fields or
pastures. The little creek was within a mile of the lower Brazos, maybe 10
miles inland.<<<

Jan writes:

...and then there is always the possibility of hybridization and natural
variation in the other poecillids.

Sailfin mollies with "marbled" pigmentation are pretty common in peninsular
Florida but I am curious whether "marbled" sailfins are frequently seen in
the exotic populations in which genetic variation should be lower (from
"founder effect") and perhaps envcironmental influences that promote
melanism are different.

Previously on this list, we discussed the similar pigmentation in F.
chrysotus. Marbled individuals are common among populations of peninsular
Florida, but I believe they are either rare, non-existent, or unreported on
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