Re: NANFA-- conservation status of SE fishes
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 09:54:15 EDT

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<< However, a 1993 checklist of Mexican fishes lists 448 native species, >far
>fewer than the 600+ found in the southeast U.S. So it appears to me >that
>the U.S. is indeed the most diverse fish region on the continent, >both
>inclusive and exclusive of Mexico.

Correct. >>

Well, that was unexpected, especially given the fact that the paper said that
the Southeast had more native fishes north of Mexico, but Dave explained why
this mistake occurred. And even though Mexico is listed as having 448 native
fish species, if one were to use Neartic faunal realm criteria, some of those
fishes should probably be eliminated from the list, like the ones from the
Yucatan peninsula and any part of Mexico south of that area ( which if I
remember correctly was the southern limit of the Neartic faunal realm). This
would lower the number of native Mexican species even more, at least for the
purposes of comparing that part of North America with the Southeastern U.S.
Thanks for the answers, guys.

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