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<< Cannot remember whether I posted this before on one of the earlier
silverside discussions so excuse me if I repeat myself.

I knew a gentleman in Florida who regularly collected and maintained brook
silversides with high survival and longevity in small aquaria. His secret
was to never remove them from the water. He seined in fairly clear water.
When approaching shoreline, he stopped at the water's edge, and had one of
his kids go into the pocket of water between the brailes and dip the fish up
with soup ladles. He dipped them out of the bucket and into the aquarium
the same way. >>

I think that perhaps you did say this before; because I was thinking of a
similar idea or heard something similar to this. That's good that you did
though; because that backs up what I was thinking of suggesting. This would
of course minimize physical contact with the bodies of the silversides all
together. Another thing which I was thinking of using besides soup ladles to
remove silversides from nets would be a dip tube or something similar to
remove the fish. There was some type of plastic or glass tube that was shown
in the old Innes books to remove fish. I don't know if they are still made
anymore; I've never seen them. They seem like they would be as effective, if
not more so, if they can be obtained. If anyone else tries to collect and
maintain silversides they should try the method that Jan described; then tell
us how the silversides fared.

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