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Well, I located the August 1972 TFH and sure enough, it had an editorial by
John Bondhus regarding the forming of a new "National Native Fish Society".
It wasn't even named NANFA at that time. His article was short and I
scanned it and placed it at:
Here it is in text format:

Because of an increasing interest in the keeping, breeding and understanding
of some of the native fishes of North America, a number of aquarium
hobbyists are in the process of organizing an association concerned with the
subject. Not only would this give members an opportunity to enchange
experiences and ideas through a club publication, there would be the
opportunity to exchange local fishes with those of other areas whose fish
fauna differed from one's own.

It is not inconceivable that related efforts of the association might
uncover and point out ecological factors which might be important to the
survival of entire species of fishes. Obviously, once extinct, a species is
lost, and an interested amateur is often in a position to contribute
knowledge equally as valid as that of the professional scientist.

In all the world only North America has darters, little true perches some of
which have breeding colors so spectacular that seeing them is their only
description. Only North America has (except as introduced species) the
sunfishes, equally as beautiful, as challenging and as intelligent as the
cichlids. European aquarists prize them highly, although we are slower to
recognize their merits because they are too nearfor us to see them clearly.
The pirate perch, the ictalurid catfishes and many others are our unique
co-habitants, and our proposed organization will major in the exposition of
their merits.

1-to bring together aquarists who are interested in native species of fish.
2-to encourage increased appreciation of native species through observation,
study, research and exchange.
3-to promote the preservation of native species and the restoration and
improvement of their natural habitats.
4-to assemble and distribute information about native fish.
5-to promote practical laws for the preservation of native fish in the home

If you are interested in joining this unique organization, please forward
your name and address in a letter or on a post card to:
Mr. John Bondhus
Monticello, MN 55362

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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