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Sat, 28 Oct 2000 21:36:02 GMT

***Sorry this is information is being sent so late after someone asked about
this topic. I've actually tried sending this message several times with an
attachment (an illustrative drawing). Apparently the attachment hinders its
delivery. For anyone who is not clear on the specifics of any of the stuff
described below, I will gladly e-mail the drawing directly to you.

Taken from: Dodd, Ed. _Mark Trail's Fishing Tips_. 1969. pp 43-45.

Since crickets retire to dark hiding places in daylight, they can be trapped
in an old loaf of bread. Cut loaf in half and remove insides from each
piece. Cut a small hole in one end to the hollow inside (so the crickets
can get in), then fasten halves together with string. Leave in the grass
overnight where crickets are likely to be.

You can make your own cricket brood pen as follows: Stock with about 24
crickets, half of them females. Keep temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees
for best results.

Females can be differentiated from males by the presence of the long egg
tube projecting from the rear of the female.

Brood Pen Dimensions:
Plywood box 18" by 24."
Top should have all but a border of a few inches cut out, with window screen
installed in it's place.
Substrate- 5" layer of sand on the bottom, with a 5" layer of wood excelsior
on top of that [is this wood chips?].
Install a porcelain single bulb incandescent light fixture on a side wall of
the interior [this is what produces the heat].

Crickets raised for fishing can be fed by placing chicken laying-mash in
their food saucer. Cotton packed around the base of the crickets' water jar
will protect the insects from drowning. If you have problems with ants,
place legs of brood pen in cans of oil or water.

Water jar consists of a small saucer packed with cotton and an inverted jar
of water put on top of it.


Good luck

Travis Haas
Hazel Green, WI

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