NANFA-- Bass parasites

Claudette Goldstein (
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 05:17:11 +0000

One of my Largemouths has had a parasite on his gill flap for about 4 months
now. Herb used to have it on both then one went away but now it's back. He's
scratched it off & it just comes back.

I've treated the tank with non-ich (advice of pet store owner) 3 different
times but it hasn't completely worked. He gave me some Paragon II to treat
the tank with but I haven't used it yet. The parasite is a circle with
'sol' like (chemistry term) cottony thing coming out of the circle on his
gill flap. He scrapes it off & sometimes looks like it's gone but then

I do 25% water changes weekly & clean & change filters monthly. (I clean the
gravel every water change...) My other bass, Peaches, has been in the same
tank from the beginning (~1 1/2 years ago) but has not had any parasites
that I have noticed, only Herb's gill thing.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with parasites on Largemouth bass
gill flaps? I really hate treating with medication but I'm not sure what
else to do...any vets that deal with largemouth bass in the Cincinnati, OH

Thanks all!


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