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D. Martin Moore (
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 22:36:53 -0500

On 16 Oct 2001, at 12:58, R. W. Wolff wrote:

> > But neither are manmade, and from my personal standpoint I can't
> > consider the dinosaur killer a disaster :-)
> I was also trying to illustrate the point on how some people may consider
> some species on the verge of extinction now a disaster.

I agree with you that extinction is part of nature. I tend to take a
LONG view - in a billion years the face of the earth will be
completely different, no matter how much we conservationists try
to stall things. That's the rational side of me.

Still, it would be a crying shame to see, say, bluenose shiners go
extinct in my lifetime. That's my emotional side.


Jackson, MS
I remember how my great-uncle Jerry would sit on the porch
and whittle all day long. Once he whittled me a toy boat out
of a larger toy boat I had. It was almost as good as the first
one, except now it had bumpy whittle marks all over it. And
no paint, because he had whittled off the paint.

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