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Arlus Farnsworth (
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:08:14 -0700

Subject: NANFA-- Worst Environmental Disasters - Dangerous Topic,
How about the hostile takeover of Pacific Lumber that directly caused
coho salmon to be listed as state endangered and federally
threatened. Do a search on any combination of:
drexel burnham lambert hurwitz maxxam junk bonds milken pacific
lumber headwaters savings loan failure scandal redwood
california texas
This logging caused massive mud slide damage to private property in
at least two towns, completely devastated prime habitat, and ruined
the entire lucrative industry of salmon fishing in Northern California.
Bottomless crystal clear fjords holding any number of salmonid species
are gone, filled in with dirt. Spawning beds are devoid of fish and no
longer connect to main tributaries but seep into the ground because the
water does not flow as it once did.

More recently, another potential disaster has crossed my radar screen:

The way this project is described there is no way one of the steelhead
spawning tributaries would not be silted, what is the recovery time for
such an event? Supposedly after the project is completed landslides
would be mediated and less silt would be introduced to flows. Maybe that
would be too little sediment, I am not clear on this relationship.
Certainly more pollution would be introduced to the reservoirs. The
project mentions biofilters to be installed, why is this necessary?

This one is in my backyard, adjoining regional space I have personally
enjoyed. The reason it is called a regional preserve is because it is
set apart from developed areas. At the very least the name would have to
be changed from "Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve" to "Sibley Municipal
Dog Park" Of course I have carefully adjusted my response level.

The steelhead trout already face degradation to spawning habitat, I am
gathering documentation about this.

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