NANFA-- JellyFish
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 17:47:57 EDT

Mark Otnes and i were snorkling a nc mountain lake sunday and witnessed 10's
of thousands of pulsating jellyfish. translucent, varying in size from a dime
to a quarter. they were found at the conjuntion / outflow of a rushing clear
cold mountain stream... 58 degrees and mixing of the much warmer lake's
greenish water. where the waters mixed it created a odd funhouse glass effect
on your vision from the temperature difference. very unusual. this is my
third time to witness these freshwater jellyfish. all 3 times have been on
mountain top manmade lakes. the second time was at the ohio meet. the first
in a lake on lookout mountain while canoeing.
does anyone know information about these? how did they get into manmade lakes
that use to be mountain streams? odd. but very enchanting, very mezmerizing.
i brought about 1/2 dozen home in a pop bottle but they were dead this
morning. :( i was hoping to introduce them to my cement pond and further
observation. i know jellyfish are extremely difficult to keep and require
circular flow aquaria, no corners.
any knowledge or experience out there?
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