RE: NANFA-- seine net/dip net techniques

Jeremy Tiemann (
Sat, 5 Oct 2002 11:37:53 -0500

That is exactly it. We spread the seine out 1.5 m and onne person
went 3 m upstream from the seine and kicked down to it.


>To me, kick seining takes at least 2 people
>set up the seine at the bottom of a riffle or constriction in the water flow
>one person holds the seine - it is best if the seine can be set up so that
>there is a relatively deep 'pocket' so that the fish swim into the seine and
>have a difficult time exiting. Depending on the width of the seine, this
>will likely happen anyway if you only have 1 person holding both sticks.
>one person goes upstream and kicks substrate. The best results I have seen
>come from extending 1 foot at a time sideways and dragging the foot back -
>then repeat with the other foot to the other side - then take a step and
>repeat until you reach the net. I tend to try to go downstream too fast,
>but a slower progression downstream seems to have better results
>Make sure that you and your partner agree on which side of the seine each
>person will lift - when you reach the seine, lift it up.
>Geoff kimber

>In a message dated 10/4/02 6:41:51 AM US Central Standard Time,
> writes:
><< we kicked seined a small area. >>
>What is kick seining? What do you do?

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