NANFA-- Needed Specimens

Brian (
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 16:09:31 -0400

Hello All,

Im looking for a few good fish. We need them for an exhibit of native
dwelling fish. These species do occur in MA, but they are not common unless
we drive about 3 hours to the northwest. Any help from those of you who may
live where these fish are more common would be greatly appreciated. As usual
we would gladly pay for the shipping, and return the favor if you needed any
fish from up here.

We can easily collect white suckers and tessellated darters, but these are
we need help with:

COMMON CARP Cyprinus carpio 2-4 specimens about 5 inches
COMMON SHINER Luxilus cornutus 4-6 specimens
EMERALD SHINER Notropis atherinoides 6-10 specimens
BLACKNOSE DACE Rhinichthys atratulus 12-20 specimens
LONGNOSE DACE Rhinichthys cataractae 12-20 specimens
FALLFISH Semotilus corporalis 4-6 specimens
TROUT-PERCH Percopsis omiscomaycus 4-6 specimens
SLIMY SCULPIN Cottus cognates 4-6 specimens
BURBOT Lota lota 4-6 specimens 6 inches or less

*Any suggestions on these species would also be appreciated, as we have never
maintained them in the past.

They will be going into a 180 gallon tank with sand substrate, driftwood, and
a bit of gravel and cobble. It is equipped with a wet/dry filter and a
hp chiller if needed. The lighting is fairly low as it once housed brook

Thanks in advance for any fish and/or advice,

Brian Bastarache (NANFA New England)
Bristol Co. Natural History Center/
Bristol Co. Agricultural School
135 Center St.
Dighton, MA 02715

PS: Thanks for all the advice on the estuary tank too.
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