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Travis Haas (
Sun, 13 Oct 2002 19:47:33 -0500


[IMAGE: Young man, about nineteen with the build of Fabio, shirt off,
wearing a 'Tarzan-type' garment and ruthlessly chopping at Wild Parsnip
with a machete in one hand (enduring the burns with great strength) and
spearing Carp in the nearby river with the other.]

And who said conservation couldn't be appealing to the public?

Travis "Tarzan" Haas
Appleton, WI

"Crail, Todd" wrote:
> Hey! Stop on over Travis! I've got acres of Buckthorn (cathartica and
> frangula), Burning Bush, and Autumn Olive you can hack at. When you get done
> with that, you can hit the Garlic Mustard, Wild Carrot, Purple Looestrife,
> Phragmites, and Canary Reed Grass. European Cattails are optional because the
> water table has been lowered enough that they don't really flourish any more
> and Phragmites just replaces them.
> Of course, you prolly have the same garbage near you... So just keep on
> huntin' and hackin' :)
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