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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 08:16:27 -0400

It may be best then to just use all acrylic. Worst case scenario is I would
buff out any scratches. I hate it for aquariums, but that's just because I
usually have had bright lights and coraline algae to deal with heh.

I'm sure there's many arguments for using glass, but my number one reason
against it is... How do I get it all back when it busts out in the field.
That's a hazard I really don't like. And if you've ever seen how haphazzard
and rough I am on equipment (like you know, leaving my $800 camera sitting on
a rock out in the middle of a riffle and walking away because there were more
fish to catch)... You'll quickly understand why I want plastic :)

Well it sounds like between any of us Ohio Boys we'll be able to slap one
together. Maybe Jonah's could market it to schools and nature centers too :)

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You may have a problem getting the glass to bond with the acrylic. Acryilic
resins melt the acrylic together. Silicone adhears two pieces of glass.
Getting the two to stick initially would be easy using silicone but it most
likely won't last for long. Silicone does not work well with acrylic.
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