Re: NANFA-- Its over ... and other ramblings
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 10:32:23 EDT

2" of snow in fargo.
ive taken to wearing jeans now, i reckon no more shorts til spring. it was 42
degrees this morning and frosty dew was on everything. seems like a burning
dry summer was just a few weeks ago. plenty rain of late erasing our
deficiet... but now the temps are taking away the pleasantries of autumn.
my outside tanks are too cold to keep my hands in and i will probably take
them down this weekend except for the experimental darter overwintering
outdoor tank. all other fishes wil be redistributed inside or remain outside
and into the cement pond or a smaller inground pool.
im glad that all your fish made it :) very good! i wish i could say the
same... i do believe the predators are at it in the cement pond and work on
any new fish before they get a chance to settle in and learn the ropes.
i still may get another day or 2 of snorkling in w/ my new full body suit
though... perhaps this weekend south chick will be clear enough.

i hope someone can help you with this mark...

I noticed the other night that my Frecklebelly Darter from Kentucky was very
boldly patterned with very dark rectangles along the side. It reminded me
of the picture of the spawning male Bluestripe Darter in The Fishes of
Missouri, except it didn't have any yellow on it. I'm curious if
Frecklebellies also undergo a bold color change while in the act of
spawning. It would be interesting to know

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