NANFA-- saturday chores
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 21:06:48 EDT

just a bit about things this way...
wonderful weather today.
my son and i spent most of the day working outside getting things ready for
the winter. some raking, weeding, grass mowing, and trimming. a bit of
cleaning and organizing. we then worked together taking down 4 outdoor tanks,
tubs and pools. one was a blue plastic 55 gallon barrel. i had put a few
least killies in it at the beginning of the year along w/ some water lettuce.
there must have been several, several dozen killies now and stuffed w/ water
lettuce. over half of these killies we moved to a 125 gallon in-ground pool
situated between to big pines. it has been full of mosquito larva of late and
a few least killies. it has been a difficult pool to get established. plants
are florishing but prized f cingulatus have died. i suspect the pine
droppings... needles and cones which leached resin, sap and turpentine into
the water this summer. hopefully the least killies will survive thru the
winter. winters have been somewhat mild here in tennessee but we do get a few
freezes which seemed to have killed several species last year... specifically
some favored black spotted topminnows and least killies. the other least
killies we kept in the 55 gallon drum and moved next to the cement pond. once
the water cools down even more i will transfer them into it. im not sure if
they will make it cause of all the shiners and sunfish but several areas are
very lush with vegetation. perhaps they will find plenty of cover. in
addition hopefully the cement pond fish will not be as predatory during the
we caught the lone golden ear topminnow who resided in a 55 gallon tank w/ a
crayfish and have brought him into the house. the top of the tank was stuffed
w/ water lettuce. in fact looking at all the water lettuce that grew this
year would cover several kiddie pools. it all was from 2 or 3 heads that had
overwintered in our florida tank located in the living room. the golden ear
will go back into this same florida tank which has 2 other golden ears and a
lot other species..hum... blue spotted sunfish ( very nice, healthy fish tho
they have lost the radiance of gold spangles when i first seined them ), f
cingulatus... beautiful killie, a lone black mosquito fish, blue nose shiners
from bg granier, lined and e starhead topminnows from carrabelle and the
ofeefenokee, a small but agitating sail fin mollie who always chases everyone
about... his time is coming, 2 very nice sailfin shiners from carrabelle, a
surplus of lush plants including ken wintin's flourishing, hum... is it
called val or sag... the long leafed plant?, snails and a crayfish.
we have all the tanks cleaned up and ready to set back up next spring.
a fine day to work outside. it feels good to get ahead on a few of these
i hope everyones day was this fine!
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