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> Hey, Moon--how cold does it get at night in the depths of the Wilmington
> winter?
On really rare occasions it has really gotten cold here but most winters
maybe a 6 scattered nights with quick lows in the low 20's. The thing is that
over night lows can be twenty but it really only hit 20 for maybe 30 minutes
just before dawn and was above freezing most of the night. The ground almost
never freezes here. For most of the winter over night lows are in the low
40's to mid 30's with an occasional, hard frost. Every once in a long time
we'll get an arctic air mass and see several days of night time temps in the
teens but it's always above freezing in the daytime usually in the 50's at
least. I have seen it really snow here three times in 30 years, once it was
more than two feet deep but the air temps never got below about 30 and it was
70 by the next day or so. Nothing like a severe thunder storm with driving
snow instead of rain. it all fell in about 4 hrs or so. I think they called
it ocean effect snow, really rare, but we do get an odd snow flurry every
year or two. Our weather is greatly influenced by the ocean and the gulf
stream off shore. One year in the early 80's it dropped down to around 12 one
night, it was a real shock, pipes were bursting all over the place. It stayed
really cold for maybe 3 days or so. We get far more stretches of 70 and 80
degree weather in the middle of the winter than we do cold. Nothing like
getting a suntan on the beach in January! But you have to shelter amongst the
dunes to avoid the cold wind whipping in off the 45 degree ocean that time of


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