NANFA-- Fish parasites?

Harry Collins (
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 09:27:39 -0500

I have several different types of native fish in an aquarium. I already
treated the main aquarium with "Parasite Clear" from Junglelabs.

This treatment seamed to rid the tank of most of the leeches, but not all of
them. The larger ones I had to remove manually from a Bluegill.

There is still what I assume is a parasite on several of the fish. There
appears to be a white "speck" probably 1mm or less in diameter on the fins of
my Pumpkinseed and Green Sunfish. I'm guessing this is "fish lice". I have
only found these specks on the pectoral fins of the fish, no where else. I
have a 10g tank that I've set up for treatment. What is the most effective
method of ridding the fish of these pests? Also does the main tank need to be

I'd rather treat the parasites as they become visible rather than medicating
the entire tank. The tank contains invertabrates (crayfish & snails) as well
as plants, not to mention the biological filtration. I'm hoping that by
treating individual fish I can disrupt the life cycle and spare the main tank
of treatment.

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