Re: NANFA-- white sucker

unclescott (
Wed, 1 Oct 2003 11:22:56 -0500

> There must be alternative foods you can feed him, such as dried nori
sheets, algae pellets, and things like brocolli, much like a marine tang or
a freshwater plecostomus.

Speaking of veggie food used by the, ahem, frugal aquarists, blanched
zuccini seems to be much appreciated by freshwater loricariids. The dwarf
plecos (Ancistrus species) that have been found spawned have often had it in
their diet.

If it would be eaten by the sucker and found nourishing, buy up all the
zuccini you can (or all you can effectively store) at the garden markets
while they are in oversupply. Slice them, zap them for a few seconds in the
microwave and freeze in zip lock bags.

I know one guy who simply cuts them into 1" wide sections, screws a new
stainless (?) steel screw into them to weigh them down and tosses them into
the tanks. He is such a militant water changer that very little metal is
likely to accumulate in the water.

That way you could leave a bushel of the zuccini in a cool corner out of the

All the best,

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