RE: NANFA-- keeping shad alive in captivity (part 2)

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Thu, 2 Oct 2003 06:26:42 -0500

Jay forwarded thgis message:
>>>I guess Nick responded to this fellow and for some reason he didn't
to Nick. Anyone else want to see if they can help him with these questions
(or recommend a book!)?
....There are a few more questions
> that I have for you. the first being, how big of a tank do need in order
> to keep several hundred shad (200-250) for six to eight months? Second,
> what wood be an appropriate filtration system for (X) amount of water?
> The only feasible way I can come up with to keep 400 or 500 gal.
> of water in a tank is to place it outdoors. As far as the shape of the
> tank it will be circular to allow the water to have a constant
> whirlpool. I have already planed to use a swimming pool liner and dig
> down one and a half feet to help maintain a constant temperature.

Jan suggests:
In the 1980s, Steven Threlkeld, a limnologist at the University of Oklahoma,
did a series of ecosystem-level experiments in macrocosms: large, circular,
above-ground tanks. Among the questions studied was the effect of shad on
plankton communities. You might do a literature search, read his
articles, and see what his stocking (and recovery) rates were. His tanks
were not filtered or circulated, so you could apply some sort of
multiplicative factor for your own set-ups. Sorry, I do not have the
references at hand.
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