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Traci -

I looked at Gregory's generic fish skull drawing at the beginning of his
book and spotted a few bones that are not on your list:
supratemporal, postcleithrum, scapula, premaxilla, suprangula, urohyal,
supraorbital, and those annoying little bones around the eye.

Contact me off list if you need to see a copy.

- Jan

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Subject: NANFA-- Speaking of school AKA fish bones

I haven't posted much at all lately, I've been so busy- marriage, animals,
Well, speaking of school, I am needing a little help. To make a long story
short, I am doing a full diagram of a fish skull for a fish anatomy class. I
am needing sources for all the little bones, as it is I am about 10 short.
If anyone has a book that has most of the little bitty fish skull bones, I
would appreciate being steered in the right direction. Here are the ones
I've got so far: (in alphabetical order)
Alisphenoid, Anguloarticular, Articular, Basioccipital, Basisphenoid,
Branchiostegal Rays, Ceratobranchial, Ceratohyal, Circumorbital, Cleithrum,
Sesamoid Articulare, Dentary, Dermethmoid, Dermospenotic, Ectopterygoid,
Endopterygoid, Epibranchial, Epihyal, Epioccipital Facet, Epiotic, Ethmoid,
Exoccipital, Frontal, Hyomandibula, Hypohyals, Intercalary, Interhyal,
Interopercal, Lachrymal, Lateral Ethmoid, Maxilla, Mesapterygiod,
Mesethmoid, Metapterygoid, Nasal, Opercal, Palatine, Parasphenoid, Parietal,
Pharyngobranchial, Posttemporal, Preopercal, Prootic, Pteroshenoid,
Pterotic, Pterygoid, Quadrate, Retroarticular, Sphenotic, Subopercal,
Supracleithrum, Supramaxilla, Supraoccipital Crest, Symplectic, and the
Vomer (Gee that's a lot!)
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