Re: NANFA-- RE: Name change???
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:20:44 +0000

> To those in the regards to Walleye, has Stizostedion
> officially been changed to Sander?'s now Sander vitreus.

Sauger is now Sander canadensis.

The reason for the change is nomenclatural, not taxonomic. Sander was established in 1817 to represent zander (S. lucioperca), a European perch. For some reason, the name never caught on in the U.S. When the closely realated walleye and sauger were described, the name Stizostedion was used. American scientists have known since 1903 that Sander had priority over Stizostedion, but chose to either ignore or overlook that fact. Sander, meanwhile, has been used by European ichthyologists, and the rules of zoological nomenclature dictate that Sander has priority over Stizostedion. Should future studies indicate that American and European perches belong in different genera, Stizostedion may be resurrected for the American species. The spelling of the specific names changed to agree with the masculine gender of Sander (Latin students would understand!)

Chris Scharpf
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