NANFA-- The Marsh

Ty Hall (
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 14:12:32 -0500

Follow us as we chronical a journey deep into the wild cranberry bogs of
North Central Wisconsin. Our crew's simple goals; to do some dip netting
and some
good old fashion hook and line fishing.

Our trio of explorers was made up of names known throughout the world
(well to the Nanfa list any ways) Ray Wolff, who served as guide,
keeping us safe from the natives on our harrowing journey. Sajjad
Lateef, from the flat lands of a place called Illinois, who despite
having Illinois plates on his car, risked life and limb to travel deep
into Packer country, in search of the dangerous Mud Minnow. Last and
certainly least, Ty Hall, a larger then life character (especially in a
sideview) and the teller of this tall tale.

Our journey started on a particularly risky note as we ventured to a
place the locals call "The Country Kitchen". There Ray and Ty took on a
great risk and both had the Breakfast Buffet, a fools play to be sure
and one that Ray would live to regret. Sajjad, the smart one of the
group, played it safe and watched us from the
convenience of his "cooked-to-order" breakfast.