NANFA-- shortnose sturgeon available.

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Sorry to tease you Moon, but this is probably only for nature centers and
the like.

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If you'd post this, I'd appreciate it.



We (Boyd Kynard's group at the Conte lab) have about 500 shortnose
sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum) that hatched this May that we do not have
enough tank space to keep. They are the offspring of wild Connecticut River
fish -- one female and two males -- and they have been reared from eggs at
the Conte lab. They are healthy, and are still small enough (about 10 cm
long) to be easily maintained in tanks.

If anyone can use any of these animals for research or teaching, we
will gladly give them to you. You will, however, need to obtain an
endangered species permit for them. The permitting process takes about 6
months, and the permit must be renewed periodically (even if you only want
them for a teaching display).

Please direct inquiries about the fish to either Erika Parker
( or Boyd Kynard (kynard at and
inquiries about the permit to Boyd Kynard. Please feel free to pass this
message on to any collegues you think might be interested.


Erika Parker
OEB PhD Student
Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center
P.O. Box 796
Turners Falls, MA 01376
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