Re: NANFA-- RE: Shiner Scoop net

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 17:48:31 -0600

I tried mine out this weekend in a drying pond. It worked incredibly well
going through super dense stands of elodea, and even forests of giant
cabbage. I did parralel to shore scoops as well, much like a dip net would
do. Once you get used to how the net handles, you can really do some trick
stuff with direction by tugging, slowing, and other manuevers to make the
net dig, rise, go out, come in ( those two in parralel scoops). I would
guess it is like trying to explain knee boarding.

Anyways, I mangaged to catch a lot, and avoid muck and mud. However, I am
very familiar with this pond and the water is crystal clear.

Here is what I caught:
blacknose shiner
central mudminnow
tadpole madtom
banded killifish
blackstripe topminnow
green sunfish
sunfish hybrids
yellow perch
iowa darter

This was even better considering the severe low water had pushed the great
amount of fish well out past where I could reach them. There were very few
near shore areas that were over two inches deep. The greatest asset to this
net, is the ability to use it from shore, and one person can "seine" small
areas like a pro. Kind of like a remote control dip net.

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