NANFA-- Phase II, A Presentation, and new Tank.

Todd Crail (
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 20:34:12 -0500

Greetings NANFAns...

I delivered the little report I wrote up and added pictures to. Man, you'd
have thought the dude hit the lottery. Plus it was circulated all around
"The Yard" and I guess has shown a bunch of people there's something awesome
living in "THAT". :)

I would implore you to seriously consider doing this extra bit of work for
people who's property you've crossed. It gets passed around, and more than
just the one person you spoke with is going to see it. The pictures don't
have to be anything screaming spectacular either. Remember, these people
thought all the fish out there were gray and boring or are like "carp". A
picture of a fish in your hand or the seine is fantastically sufficient!

Page 2...

I've placed an updated Presentation that has collecting info and husbandry,
along with more very broad range fishes glamour shots (should work most
anywhere in the Mississippi Drainage). It does still _require_ the use of
MS IE as a browser, but that should be it's only weakness (other than a
couple words falling off the screen, but I'll fix that). It can be viewed

If you have a laptop and would like a copy of this presentation to make
anywhere, please let me know. I can send you a cd with both the Powerpoint
and Web Versions, which would enable anyone with a laptop to show it to
others. Heck, put your desktop computer in the living room at your
Christmas party and show it! :)

Just shoot me an email if you're interested.

Page 3...

A new tank. I'm not sure if I had emailed about this new opportunity at
Maumee Valley Country Day School or not... Think I mailed that to the BOD
list. At any rate, there was a 150 gallon acrylic tank donated to a teacher
in the Lower School. She didn't want to do tropicals because they turn off
the heat at like 3:30 and don't start it until 7:30.. And it's off for
breaks and everything. Seemed like a good place to slip in some natives,
eh? :)

What's even cooler is... Their way of doing elementary school is an "open
environment". Their elementary school is one large room with sections for
each "class". This means _everyone_ there is going to have full access to
the aquarium at all times. Vahry nice-ah!

I built a stand for the monster this weekend. It's a 60"x24"x24" tank and
is gonna be Centrachidae central for sure! Pics to come as I make progress
on this.


It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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