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On Sun, 17 Oct 1999 wrote:

> He then continued to say that this sub-species is the only desert fish in
> the area that is actually threatened - but that "environmentalists" had
> persuaded the federal government to list all of the fishes. He said that in
> the wet season (indicating this was roughly December-January), there were
> "millions of the little fishes" out there in the various springs and water
> holes.

He is a "little" off the mark with his comments. Devils Hole pupies are not a
subspecies (although cladistically could be defined as such possibly). This
guy should take a history lesson in the Amargosa Valley. Virtually all the
springs in Ash Meadows were seriously threatened with destruction by
irrigators, and then developers. At least one pupfish will soon be delisted
as it has been recovered (Cyprinodon nevadensis mionectes). Several
populations have not been listed either, C. n. amargosae for example. Others
that only occur in a single spring have been. These are all isolated habitats
as amply demonstrated by fine scaled genetic work.

As for keeping C. salinus they will do fine, the problem is getting a permit
to collect them from a national park (which you won't be granted).

Peter Unmack

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