NANFA-- flagfish
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 17:27:03 EDT

Hi ,I just subscribed to the list and this is my first time sending a
message.I wanted to say that I had been into North American fishes for about
a year before reading about your organization in a by then old Aquarium Fish
magazine article.I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find that there
was an entire organization created for the specialialty niche of aquarium
interest that I had previously thought myself alone in.Some time later I
checked out the web page and thought it had really interesting facts and cool
pictures.Just recently,however, I noticed and checked out the NANFA aquaria
net archives and, if anything, the information was even more in-depth and
absorbingly fascinating.I wanted to mention that the local aquarium club that
recently formed in my area (mid-Michigan) had an article about breeding
American flagfish in the August issue of the club newsletter.The club
president's specialty is breeding endangered fishes (which seem to be mainly
Mexican)but he also keeps non-endangered North American fishes like the more
ubiquitous Gambusia affinis(which he took third place for a male mottled
gambusia at Greater Detroit Aquarium April jar show), midget livebearers, and
the aforementioned flagfish as well as other freshwater fish from other
continents,brackish and saltwater fish.I only keep North American
fish,invertebrates,and plants myself (mostly local, as well as Mexican, and
in the past, Texas and Florida fishes).

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