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Sat, 02 Sep 2000 13:28:40 EDT

Hello everyone!... Hope all is well with you today!.. Here is some news on
next yearss convention... As for the daates, I checked with Randy Sanders of
ODNR Division of wildlife and told him that as for the dates, we were
attempting to strike a balance between people and fishes needs as to
scheduling the convention!... As for the what people want.... To see fish in
good color, to see diversity, to be convenient in timing, and perhaps be at
a time when water is clear for snorkling or photography. Well folks, all
this was answered ... "The later, the better"... This means that ideally,
but not most likely, the best time to have this convention in Ohio, would be
OCTOBER!... BUT... We all know this is not likely, due to school starting,
and peoples vacations ending. June would be good in Hocking Hills as for the
waterfalls being in full flow, but this is bad for water clarity. Ohio is
still subject to receiving heavier rains at this time. I have therefore come
to the conclusion that a late Summer date is best> I will know this week
which dates are available as for lodgeing, and make sure that they do not
conflict with other events. As for scheduled speakers SO FAR.... We have
Randy Sanders from ODNR Division of Wildlife. Randy will be speaking of what
his division is doing in collaberation with public and private land holdings
in the wat of stream restoration. He will also explain the new book he has
coming out. This is a dandy, folks, for those of you who want to get
involved with the education processes of the public, and native fishes and
habitats!.. Randy will also lead a field outind on a couple of tribs of the
scenic Scioto River. This river is a Major Ohio tributary... of the Ohio
River. He will demonstrate various techniques with sein netting and
electroshocking, of which the division uses to gather data on species id and
population. Randy insists thatt there will be little, if any impact to the
habitat. He also says that we should be able to identify 40 or more species
on that trip.

Next, We should be having a representative of one of the oldest watershed
protection advocacy groups in the nation, RIVERS UNLIMITED, speak on the
MUSKINGUM RIVER, and the benefits of dam removal to a river, and local
economy. This talk should also include some talk about species in that river
as well.

Next, we will have Hocking Hills naturalist, Pat Quackenbush, present a talk
on aquatic life and streams of the picturesque Hocking Hills Gorge
areas,Which includes the HOCKING RIVER, and which are home to a couple
species of Lamprey. (not sure what he said yet, as this is only a briefing)
Pat has offered to lead a trip to these sights. The word "Hocking" is
derived from the Native American word meaning "Bottle-necked river valley"
Now folks, if you want to get a feel for habitat diversity, and ecosystem
function, as well as be surrounded by breathtaking beauty of Hemlock shaded
gorges, stunning rock formations, waterfalls, and more... BRING YOUR CAMERA,
because this is the trip you will want to go on. There are some unique
snorkling opps. here as well, in thaat there are several "pool" habitats
found in the rocks of the gorges. You can get a glimpse of this area by
looking at one of the photo galleries in the HOCKING HILLS websites!...

Next, I have contacted someone from The Nature Conservancy to do a talk on
The Big and Little Darbys, and to speak of species found there as well as
conservation efforts to protect this extreemly diverse and unique aquatic
eco system. I am attempting to make an outing there as optional.

Next, I am arranging talks on The GRAND RIVER system in N.E. Ohio, The
Mahoning River and it's shocking history of abuse, and it's amazing
comeback. I also hope to have NANFA member Mark Smith speak of his effort
that resulted in "Breeding Borrkies", as well as Division of Wildlife's
efforts with the Cleveland Zoo to raise these fish, and restore their
population and habitat in The state scenic river CHAGRIN.

I am also looking to have members do some presentations such as regional
reps preparing reports as to activity going on in those regions, as well as
demonstrations on creating life like aquarium back grounds..... I am
letting Randy Sanders find some people from the Universities to give talks
as well. Well, There is so much more to arrange, I hope this little bit has
"baited" your interest!.... Sincerely, Rob Carillio, Ohio NANFA.... If any
one wants to volunteer on anything at all, just e-mail me or call me TOLL
FREE at 1-877-236-2033.... THANKS
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