NANFA-- A local stream
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 13:29:17 EDT

In a very picturesque pool on the edge of a rapid, bordered by a moss- and plant-covered stone, partially submerged and adjoining the wooded bank, I found the usual "family" of sunfish and on the surface a group of what I thought were Gambusia until I realized that one of them had red streaks on its flanks. I tried my best to net them, but they were very quick and I never managed to catch any. I think they were guppies, probably released by someone into the stream. I am wondering about how these guppies can overwinter here. Though our climate is relatively mild, it can be very cold in the depth of winter, temperatures plunging to the teens Fahrenheit, and water will freeze. Will this group of guppies survive a winter, do you suppose?

As I was enjoying this little pool, peering into the slightly cloudy water on a somewhat overcast day, I saw under the edge of a submerged rock what had to be the head of a catfish. It appeared smooth and grey (through the water), but what stood out were four white barbels (I saw four) against the sand bottom and the shadow of the rock. I have looked in my books and I think it might have been a yellow bullhead (is that right?). It looked a lot like the flathead, but they aren't supposed to be in our area, or if so, have been introduced. One of my books says they are in the Congaree River, which runs through Columbia.

Before leaving this pleasant pool, I decided to sweep the grasses on the edge of the embankment at the water surface, and in so doing, I caught a small fish, which turned out to be a sunfish fry. It is less than .25 inches and has faint vertical stripes. It went into immediate shock, but eventually recovered. I have brought it home and it is happily hunting mosquito larvae in my newly established 55-gallon tank.

These are the only fish I have seen in the stream so far.

I just wanted to share a novice's experiences close to home. Do you think the fish I couldn't catch were guppies?

Thanks for listening to my story.

Dick Norwood

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