NANFA-- Alabama sturgeon article by C Scharpf

Jay DeLong (
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 17:58:17 -0700

> I see what you mean, alot of us like mudminnows, some say they are cigar
> butts with fins. so , the more people interested, the more different types
> of interests that will come of it. Thats why we have to be careful not to
> alienate people on these lines. But then again, we all have to speak our
> minds now and again or we would just be wishy washy ...
> Ray

Right on, Ray! It's healthy to air ideas on this list-- at least we're
among friends!

Here's something I think we can all agree on. Chris Scharpf's Alabama
sturgeon article is a great one. If it doesn't point out the screwy ways
various segments of society perceive endangered species and the ESA, I don't
know what could. The article is:
Politics, Science, and the Fate of the Alabama Sturgeon,
by Christopher Scharpf
Summer 2000 American Currents

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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