RE: NANFA-- brook stickleback?

Chateau Stripmine (
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 19:41:16 -0600

> I would like to find some three-spinned stickles around here, but
> not sure where to get them, could you give me some pointers? Do
> they live with the brook stickles?

According to Becker's book they are probably not found together.

I plan to begin keeping Brook Stickleback next summer and I'm planning the
setup I will need now. Just a few days ago Christopher Scharpf posted the
following url:

It gives access to a complete copy of George Becker's FISHES OF WISCONSIN.
I learned a lot about Brook Stickleback there.

<< I have noticed this when I used to keep brook sticklebacks, they always
seemed to waste away. >>

> That's weird; I've had mysterious stickleback deaths but the
> bellies were always full, almost looking strained to the point of nearly
> bursting. I fed them a lot of live blackworms so I assumed that was the
> cause; 'cuz it's such a rich food. I now try to feed my stickleback live
> shrimp as well, to clean out his intestinal tract.

<< Most small sunfish eat baby snails as well as killifish and mudminnows
do. Furthering the Idea that this may be important staple for sticklebacks.

> Baby snails would be another good fulfilling food in this
> regard.

Since sticklebacks are now believed to be related to seahorses, is it also
possible that they need more calcium than can be provided by brine shrimp or
worms? Also, according to Becker, algae is also a large part of their
stomach contents. I'm wondering if this might be an important missing part
of their captive diet.

Carl Camper

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