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Wed, 6 Sep 2000 22:17:03 EDT

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<< I'm not sure but I think they have to eat in the water. As for carrion I
to admit that carrion couldn't be a large part of a snapping turtles diet in
a normal environment. I really don't see that much dead stuff laying around
so they would have to eat at least mostly live food but I really don't see a
snapper turning his nose up at anything dead either. Like most predators
would be opportunistic, even a lion will scavenge if it gets the chance. How
about that BG, sound ok? Only a flying animals can truly be 100% carrion
eater because only a flyer can cover enough territory to find enough dead
stuff. So you have buzzards which if given the chance will eat a helpless
live animal so I guess nothing is 100%.

Sounds logical so far. So what about putting the carion bait in shallow
water? I imagine the turtles can move pretty quickly, so the site would have
to be well selected.

Anyone have any plans and experience with turtle traps? Seems like years ago
I heard about one where you bury a barrel in the ground and somehow lure
turtles via a ramp into it.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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