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Fri, 8 Sep 2000 23:12:10 EDT

In a message dated 00-09-08 17:52:15 EDT, Jay wrote:

<< When you talk
about encouraging interactions, I agree, but not when we humans insist we
get to choose the level of interaction (development, logging, etc.) and say
the animals have to adapt. I believe we need place a higher value on
protecting habitat than on the rights of humans to develop it. >>

I still get a little hot under the collar when I read this anti-logging
rhetoric. I think I have cooled sufficiently to make at least one of my
points. First, Jay, this is not an attack on you, rather a debate of your
ideas. Do you or do you not have lumber/wood as part of the construction of
your house, furniture, and/or fences? If that wood product is not from trees
in the good ol' US of A, does it make it any more acceptable if it comes from
Canada, Brazil, or Mexico? Do you advocate eliminating all wood products?
Do you think it would be a good thing to eliminate all logging? If so, just
one of the many consequences might be a season of devastating wildfires like
we are currently having here in Idaho. Regarding the fires, please don't
tell me that it's Mother Nature's way, and therefore, we must let it be. In
that case, we do nothing to change the effects of floods, hurricanes,
tornadoes, or earthqakes? All rivers should flow naturally with no levies or
other manmade 'corrections' so as to let the natural way of things and their
consequenses occur whenever, where ever? You know, keep everything

I agree with setting aside some areas to remain pristine or nearly so and to
conscientiously protect as much natural habitat as possible. I just don't
think that necessarily means eliminating logging in many places; it's already
been noted that selective thinning actually improves many types of animals'
habitats. This anti-logging sentiment is, in my estimation, founded on
flawed reasoning. Condeming all logging because of some bad logging
practices by a few is much like condeming all automakers and autos/tire
makers and tires because Ford & Firestone/Bridgestone knowingly performed
unethical business practices.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho

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