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<< n the long run, none of this matters. There is no way to curb the human
population growth, and we will just have to give up nature in favor of human
survival. Trees, meadows, polar ice, and yes, even fish are all going to be
given up in the name of survival of this building swarm of people.
Unfortunately you are correct, but off world colonies as you say are not
intended to relieve the over population here no more than emigrating from
Europe relieved the population pressure there when the "new" world was
discovered. Off world colonies would be great for the individuals lucky
enough to take advantage of the opportunity but in the long run it would just
be a way of getting all our eggs out of the same basket in case of a
planetary disaster. Or in the case of terraforming spread life away from
earth kinda like the earths biosphere reproducing with us as the gametes.
I think humans are destined to spread through out the galaxy, if we don't
we'll die, it's as simple as that. The earth can't support us forever, (We
foul our own nest) sooner or later, to survive, we'll have to make our own
ecosystems and habitats. Lets hope we have the sense to take as much of the
earths biosphere with us as we can.


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