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<< should be able to strike this balance, and not ruin the very source
that makes it possiple for us to live. >>
Rob, I agree with most everything you say in your response. I just wish most
of the people on this list could see the forests here in Idaho that I have
had the priviledge of logging. We 'selectively thinned' and removed many
dying trees, diseased trees, etc. The forests were less prone to
catastrophic-caliber fires, opened up to allow more diverse animal and plant
populations, and yet retained many of the older, majestic, mature trees. The
critical element attained here, was a healthy spacing necessary for each tree
to receive enough light, water and nutrients for good growth. I'm totally in
awe of forests and especially of old growth forests, but at least here in
Idaho, during our drought years, many insects that attack coniferous forests
become epidemic in proportions and kill acres upon acres of old growth
forests (along with forests overcrowded with stunted trees) during drought
cycles. This creates the environment for devastatingly hot forest fires,
ones that can actually burn what little humus a lot of these mountains have
in their soils. Which of course, leads to enormous erosion problems during
the following year's spring snow melt cycle. None of this justifies
uncontrolled clear cutting or other unconscienable logging practices, but
logging is a practical, and when used conscientiously, an environmentally
acceptable tool for maintaining forest health.

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