NANFA-- Collecting in Wisconsin today

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 22:50:02 -0700

Bob Schellinger of Sheboygan Wisconsin ( on the coast of Lake Michigan some
miles south of famous Green Bay) contacted me this spring that he would be
interested in collecting with me later in the year. Plans came together for
today, as he and his wife Mary Ann were going to be in the Stevens Point and
Plover area. They showed up at my place just before 9 a.m. After a cup of
coffee, touring the ponds we headed out to the Great Swamp of Wisconsin near
the Sand Hill wildlife refuge near Babcock. A friend of mine had just got
an intern ship at the refuge, and later today told me what was all the
goings on out there,as when we arrived groups of people on bikes were
around, and lots of cars. The bikers were Boy Scouts, and there were some
shooting lessons and other things being conducted at the refuge relateing to
duck identification. At any rate, we headed to my ditch that flows out of
Quail Point flowage for northern red belly dace. We almost immeditatly
caught the 10 dace Bob was after, along with blacknose shiner, brassy
minnows, central mudminnows, and brook sticklebacks. he was hoping to get
some tadpole madtoms, so we drove around to another part of the marsh and
stopped at Hogans hole on HWY 54. We caught tons of golden shiners,
mudminnows, blacknose shiners, pumpkinseeds and finally 3 tadpole madtoms.
We also caught good numbers of 6 or so species of snail, some clams and
freshwater "brain" jelly fish. Bob wanted 3 more madtoms so I thought we
might have luck at Rogers pond. We didnt manage to catch any madtoms,
although I had caught several there last weekend, but caught some really
nice mudminnows, bullfrog and green frog tadpoles. After stopping at
Mcdonalds on the way back in Nekoosa, we came back and watched my big
warmouth in the gar pond gobble up some of the minnows, and took the rest in
to the fishroom ,which the lights were still off when the Schellingers
arrived, and fed the red phase warmouth and bowfins. After that we did
some collecting in my killi pond for some heterandria formosa and parrot
feather for Bob and Mary Anns pond.

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