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<< JR, what projects do you folks at Conservation Fisheries have going on now?
How about upcoming plans? I was reading on your web page at about your grant from the the American
Zoological Association for captive breeding of Fundulus julisia. I'm
guessing that's your big project at this time.
Oh, and congratulations!

Jay DeLong >>

Thanks Jay. I suppose I could make a list..... Pat and I just got back from
the Elk R. today. Looking for boulder darters. We put out around 300 tagged
ones that were spawned last year. We found 4....pretty good considering the
six inch working visibility....thanks cows!

We have several madtom propagation projects underway....yellowfins, smoky,
pygmy and some others we're playing with.

We have around 4000 spotfin chub babies right now. We are also breeding
relict darters, duskytail darters, goldline darters, more boulder darters,
Cahaba shiners, Cape Fear shiners, and of course the Barrens topminnows.

Then there's all the survey work! We're scrambling to get done before cold
weather...especially the night work.

About the web page. I haven't had time to play with it in a long while! I
thought I had someone that wass gonna help us with it, but he's moving away
for another job. I hope to have it updated before too long. I want to have a
"What's new" section that could be updated monthly. I want to be able to post
our reports to the web (some would have to be accessable through a
password).....maybe this fall...sigh...

We were doing topminnow work last week. That's really depressing! They're
evidently down to two pops. We pretty much verified their absence from one
stream system last week by walking nearly the entire stream. I have briar
cuts, sawgrass cuts and chiggers!

That whole area has been badly impacted by poor agriculture practices! There
are some restorations projects underway and there are some very cooperative
landowners that really do want to do the right thing! The Nature Conservancy
has done alot here.

Better run.....


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