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<< I'm not talking about these types of damns. I agree anything holding
liquid manure or wastes should be regulated. But the small farmers
generally don't have these types of ponds. There ponds generally not only
water livestock but also carry small fish populations for sporting. Most
have plant growth above, below and in the pond, but their primary purpose
is to provide water to livestock. (and wild life in dry times)

Luke >>

Another problem with small farm ponds, Luke, is that they have all but
erradicated first and second order streams in many areas. And, at least in
most areas of the southeast (and I suspect elsewhere), there is an inlet and
outlet. What goes in is usually alot nicer than what comes out....especially
with livestock involved. I'm not one to suggest levying anything else on the
small farmer, but there are numerous species of native aquatic species that
depend on these small streams and they're simply not many good ones around
anymore. There isn't an easy answer!


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