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<< Trautman was the one who discovered and had the Scioto
madtom Noturus trautmani named after him. Read about that fish (and see a
photo of it) at: >>

That article put into perspective why Ted Cavender still searches for the
Scioto madtom even though he hasn't found it for 30 years. When I first read
about that in an issue of American Currents, I thought that he seemed a
little too idealistic with regard to that situation. But that article which
went into more detail stated that purple catspaw mussles, which hadn't been
found for 140 years had been rediscovered, and they're less mobile (it would
seem to me) than the madtoms. Madtoms with their secretive lifestyle could
conceivably remain undetected for as long as they have, so they could still
exist even after they've been declared extinct. And Ted Cavender could end up
finding them after all. I admire his dedication and I hope he finds them.

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